In the 2nd quarter of 2011, with great anticipation from the market, Loyalty Connect will release its unique RewardShare™, as part of its Loyalty Platform. Loyalty Connect knows Social Media and has designed the premier social media loyalty application that answers the question that every executive has regarding Social Media, which is… “How do we generate revenue from Social Media”. RewardShare™ gives you the ability to take advantage of the free medium of social media.

The App Gives Reward Points for Identified Social Media Communications

RewardShare™ is designed to give you the ability to create a variety of Social Media communications, offers, promotions or information via email, post or tweet. Once your communications are created, RewardShare™ will “tag” each selected Social Media communication and give your members loyalty points for emailing, posting or tweeting the communication.

Now that’s cool… but even cooler is that each person that receives your identified Social Media communication can have the option to join your program and receive rewards for sharing it with those they know! The mantra in Social Media is its not who you know is as important as those you know-knows!

The App Plugs Into Your Loyalty Engine or Ours

We have designed the App to plug into your loyalty engine or Loyalty Connect’s. Call us today to discuss how it can be the game changer for your with your Social Media initiative.

The Synergy of Social Media and Loyalty

The definition of synergy states that one plus one equals more than two; when the entities that are being added are synergistic. By identifying specific social media communications, promoting them to your members and encouraging  them to share each with their social network by awarding points for an email, post or tweet, you have the ability to create a synergistic, viral promotion.

Referral Marketing with Social Media and Loyalty

Loyalty Connect knows Social Media and how to generate Referrals. It is a well known fact that referrals are the least expensive, most effective way to grow your business. Now you can include this powerful, cutting edge solution to your loyalty strategy and take advantage of the free medium of Social Media.

If you would like to learn how to take advantage of our Platform to grow your business, contact us today.

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