Social Media Consulting and Integration

Consulting Objectives

On a daily basis, new changes occur on the Social Media landscape, new technologies and new strategies with new tactics.  Therefore, Loyalty Connect’s first objective with its clients is to educate from the executive level down, to assure everyone is on the same page before a Social Media loyalty strategy can be offered.

Educating Your Organization on The Social Media Landscape

The statement of “if they’re not up on it they will be out on it” could never be more appropriate when dealing with the new medium of Social Media.

During our initial discovery process with you, Loyalty Connect will conduct an appropriate number of meetings to assure that your team’s stakeholders are educated in terms of what Social Media can do for your top line revenue, customer service, customer research and online reputation management.

Agenda Items Include:

  • Social media as a marketing channel
  • How companies are utilizing the social media channel to drive business
  • Online brand and reputation management
  • The process for developing an effective social media strategy
  • Overview of the 70+ social media assets and technologies
  • Developing and measuring ROI on social media
  • Integration of Social Media with Loyalty

A Custom Social Media Strategy and Development/Implementation Plan

Once the initial discovery process is completed and mutual consent to move forward is achieved with all stakeholders, we will develop and provide an extensive Social Media Strategy, Development and Implementation Plan.

Initial Deliverables Include:

  • Business goals and objectives
  • Opportunity identification for brands, products and services
  • Integration steps with your existing marketing plan
  • 12 month strategy to integrate Social Media with other Marketing channels, build and engage large communities across Social Networks, a content, promotions and messaging strategy with calls to action including lead generation, web traffic, retail traffic and event traffic and an online brand and reputation management strategy.
  • Technology identification including over 70 social media assets and technologies
  • Metric and measurement development
  • Integration plan for Social Media and Loyalty offer
  • Implementation plan
  • Social media workforce requirements
  • Execution plan including monthly, weekly and daily tactics

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