Custom Online Reward Catalog

No Inventory Necessary

Loyalty Connect offers a customizable online Rewards Catalog that can be integrated with your company’s brand to incentivize a behavior, action, or redeem selected rewards achieved through your custom loyalty program. This is a rewards redemption feature that is fiscally responsible and easy to manage.

Our custom online Rewards Catalog solution provides the ability to select from millions of products, offered by hundreds of companies at true wholesale prices.

Your employees or customers can quickly choose whatever rewards they desire online and have it dropped shipped directly to any address they choose. One off orders generated at wholesale pricing, without the expense of warehousing products… will benefit your bottom line and be easy on your cash flow.

Loyalty Points Converted to Dollars

The Loyalty Connect Platform will allow you to quickly determine your points for per dollar value; implement quickly and allow your members to purchase awards with their accumulated points.

The Rewards Catalog gives you the ability to match rewards to the likes of your entire membership. 

Rewards Catalog Benefits

  • No inventory to manage
  • Loyalty system conversion
  • Whole price to you with one off purchasing
  • Visual design to match your brand
  • Expansive choices of rewards
  • Shipping and customer service included
  • Easy web integration
  • Program activity tracking and reporting

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