The Ultimate Loyalty Platform

The Loyalty Connect Platform is a cloud based platform, it’s accessible from anywhere. Whether you are an HR manager that wants to make a difference with your company’s employees, an online retailer, a single location restaurant, or multi location retailer (or something bigger), Loyalty Connect’s ultimate loyalty engine has the flexibility to suit your needs.

Loyalty is not just giving points for a purchase; it is a strategy for client/customer/employee retention, increased frequency of purchases and visits to your website or business. When implemented properly it will increase the amount of purchases you currently receive and generate a viral, low to no cost referral program.

When you engage Loyalty Connect… you gain the ability to execute a comprehensive loyalty strategy that can generate the results you are looking for. You can use our ready-made solutions, from web-based, full blown administrative and customer / employee friendly interfaces, to physical terminals to place in your stores.

A Flexible Platform

This means you can offer a multitude of customer and employee loyalty programs that work online in real time or offline with batches. You can offer a program with or without plastic cards, barcode readers, RFID tags, or magnetic swipe. We can configure your custom loyalty program to be accessed with or without physical terminals, in conjunction with a shopping cart or POS integration, or kiosks.

Full Choice of Reward Campaigns That Can Be Changed in Minutes

Gift CardsThis also means you have a choice in the type of rewards you can offer and how your members will accumulate them. Offer points, visits, events, buy-X-get-one-free, or cash earned. Deduct awards redeemed or accumulate points and receive VIP status. You can quickly identify under-performing products or services to cross-promote, or integrate with third-party fulfillment houses, reward with cash back, or anything else that fits your business model.

Whatever you choose, the power and flexibility of Loyalty Connect is behind you all the way. We maintain the data integrity, enhancements and continually update our feature set. Be as creative as you like, the platform does it all.

Solid, Safe, and Secure

The Loyalty Connect platform may be “in the cloud” but it is based on solid foundations and security: Redundant servers and RAID drives, hardware firewalls and load balancers, up-to-the-second database replication, daily, weekly, and monthly backups and high-grade encryption means your data is safe and secure. Our hardware is located at the premiere hosting facility in all the world, with high-tech facilities nearby with restricted biometric-based secure entry by only certified technicians with thorough background security checks, 24-hour data and data center monitoring and surveillance, N+1 redundancy for power and HVAC, and three dedicated support teams based in the USA, working in 8-hr shifts for 24-hour support.

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