• Loyalty Platform

    Reward CampaignsPrivate Label: Loyalty Connect is a leading cloud based reward and gift card platform available for private label that provides a world class loyalty offer …READ MORE

    A Flexible Platform: All from a single dashboard, your marketing department may quickly create, track and measure multiple loyalty campaigns…READ MORE

  • Online Rewards

    Automate Your Reward Process: Our private label online Rewards Catalog can be connected to your reward platform or ours to effortlessly automate your reward process …READ MORE

    Choice and Customization: Our online Rewards Catalog offers gift selection from millions of products, provided by hundreds of companies, giving your customers a quality experience …READ MORE

  • Social Media App

    RewardShare RewardShare™: This unique app combines the power of social media and loyalty giving you the ability to virally create a large community for increased revenue …READ MORE

    Social Media Consult: We provide the expertise to leverage the free medium of social media combined with loyalty for you to create a loyal community, that generates more revenue …READ MORE

  • Referral Generation

    Referral Strategy Need a Makeover? The Keep-InTouch® platform with its proven referral system will provide your organization the ability to produce more warm referrals …READ MORE

    The Referral of a Lifetime: The proven referral system outlined by Tim Templeton in his best seller is available via the Keep-InTouch® platform …READ MORE